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Name: xiao hong
Tel: +86-0731-89745701
Fax: +86-0731-89998000
Mobile: +86-13975805576
Add: Room 369,xingyao,Changsha City,Hunan Province,China ,hunan Province,China
MSN: Skype: shuguangtubes ҷϢ ҷϢ

About Us

HI,my friend,Welcome to Changsha Shuguang audio.many thanks for your great trust.We are a group of audiophiles who are devoted to selling hifi products such as vacuume tubes ,sockets,CMC products.Also we research and design integrated amplifiers,which,happily speaking,recieve a lot of praises from customers.
We have a lot of privileges to sell best-quality products at lowest prices in the world.For example,all the tubes we sell are strictly selected in the workshops of Shuguang Corporation with higher current data.We can satisfy your variety requirement about the current data or even making new tubes.All the items we sell have one year warranty and we keep responsible for shipping.
Please email us with any questions and we promise to reply as quickly as possible.Wholesale orders are preferred as we believe more profits will be got with more deals in spite of the lowest prices.We want every customer satisfied and cooperate with us for ever.thanks and best regards.